Sikh Tourism is supposed to be a new segment for Punjab and for Pakistan as well. The governments are now really keen on the development of this segment and lot of proposals and plans are in discussions. This segment would not only benefit economically to Pakistan but would also play a role as bridge between India and Pakistan. Pakistan is blessed with the existence of the most sacred Gurdwaras of Sikh religion and also blessed with the birth place of the founder of Sikh religion Baba Guru Nanak in the city of Nankana Sahib (Punjab).

Apart from the other sacred Gurdwaras related to other Gurus of Sikh religion there is also a village of Baghat Singh (Freedom Fighter) near Faisalabad that could be a future attraction. Sikhs have ruled more than two decades Indian sub-continent and still having a rich heritage left behind in this part of world. So this is a big segment to be focused in near future of Pakistan Tourism. I feel proud in claiming that I am the pioneer in institutionalizing of Sikh tourism in Pakistan.

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