Pakistan is about to be turned around into a world class tourism destination and the slump of tourism industry in Pakistan is over. It is human nature that evil activities never prevail and the worst cycles are never long lasting too and that is the case with today’s Pakistan where peace is now back to normal. You are keen to see the world or you have seen the most of the world but you have not travelled on Karakoram Highway (The Silkroute) through panoramic valley of Hunza that means you have not yet seen the world. There is no match of the beauty of the north of Pakistan with the Alps of Europe or elsewhere in the world that is not possible to describe in the words but would loudly support the claim after you have visited it. Pakistan is proud to invite you to the truly land of Asian culture and hospitality. So, tour Pakistan and help us in our mission of peace through tourism!

Pakistan-China Link Tourism:

Pakistan and China have started a project with investment of 46 Billion Dollar that is called Pak-China Corridor through which about one thousand trucks would daily transport goods from and to China. Pakistan therefore has commitment with China to protect this route at all cost and that would be helpful in boost of tourism from China and increase in the tourists of the other countries through this route as well. As tourism professional I believe there will be soon millions of tourists travelling to Pakistan through this Pakistan-China Corridor. Come to enjoy the most scenic drive of the world on Karakoram Highway! For the sake of tourism revival we proudly announce special incentives for 2017 and 2018 to make tour packages affordable for every one.